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THANK   YOU ….   for   participating   in   our   8th   Canadian   Waste   Resource   Symposium.   It   was   exciting   to   see the   available   opportunities   evolve   as   connections   were   made   and   knowledge   shared   over   the   course   of four   days.      We   heard   feedback   from   many   delegates   on   how   impressed   they   were   with   the   amount   of knowledge   and   solid   waste   experience   there   was   in   attendance   and   wished   there   were   more   opportunities to network.  Hopefully, you have exchanged business cards and will meet each other again. Please     help     us     with     organizing     our     next     event     by     completing     the     event     surveys.     Just     visit www.respond.cc    and   enter   the   appropriate   access   code.   Each   survey   will   only   take   a   few   minutes   to complete.  Conference session key: 522882. Tour session key: 953859. Reminder   to   those   collecting   SWANA   CEU’s   from   the   tour   and   technical   presentations,   please   fax   them   to the number found on the bottom of the page, as soon as possible for tabulation. We   are   in   the   process   of   posting   the   final   versions   of   the   technical   presentations.      We   will   send   out   another email   when   they   will   be   available   on   our   hosting   website   at      http://www.atcanswana.org/   .      Our   goal   is early next week. We   have   also   created   a   Facebook   page   so   that   we   could   share   some   pictures   from   our   Opening   and Closing   Plenaries   as   well   as   our   Trade   Show.      If   you   have   any   concerns   about   sharing   of   photos   on   social media,     please     let     us     know     by     Friday,     May     6.          The     facebook     location     can     be     found     at https://www.facebook.com/2016CWRS/ Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018 in Quebec, 9th Canadian Waste Resource Symposium. Remember EPOCHE, stay well and be safe.  Darlyne Proctor, Chair 8th Canadian Waste Resource Symposium Conference Co-Hosted by Atlantic Canada Chapter of SWANA & Waste Resource Association of Nova Scotia