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Wednesday April 27, 2016 I. Disaster Waste Management Planning & Response Planning for Disaster Debris  - Jim Lapp, City of Edmonton Municipal Debris Management in Hurricane Prone United States Municipalities  - Matthew Wigle, HDR Engineering Inc. Disaster Waste Management Planning & Response - 2013 Ice Storm Clean Up - Carlyle Khan, City of Toronto II. Progressive Public Education & Compliance Educating & Engaging Residents: Case Studies from Atlantic Canada - John Watson, ReCollect Systems Inc. Tenant Engagement on Sustainability - Focusing on Waste Reduction & Diversion - Alida Kusch, Dillon Consulting  Fear & Loathing on the Front Lines - Kirk Symonds, Region 6 Solid Waste Management  III. Innovative Diversion Initiatives Challenges & Opportunities of Recycling Foam Polystyrene - Andrew Garrett, Valley Waste Resource Management CleanFARMS: Managing Obsolete & End-of-Life Agricultural Materials  - Barry Friesen, CleanFARMS The Last Re-Sort Reuse Centre - Andrea Gibson-Garrett, Valley Waste Resource Management Thursday April 28th , 2016 I. Extended Producer Responsibility Multi-Material BC: Developing an EPR System for the Future - Allen Langdon, Multi-Material BC A Candid Municipal Perspective on EPR in Ontario - Craig Bartlett, Durham Region EPR Challenges and Opportunities - Bob Kenney, Nova Scotia Environment II. Solid Waste Resource Compliance, Tools & Profiling Progressive Public Education & Compliance Techniques - Gerry Moore, Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC) Niagara Region’s Illegal Dumping Reporting Tool - Janet Rose, Niagara Region Profiling Illegal Dumpers - Kirk Symonds, Region 6 Solid Waste Management III. Landfill Gas Management & Energy Recovery Innovative Approach to Landfill Gas Collection & Control - Stephan Fourmont, Afitex-Texel Methane Potential Measurements & Molecular Characterizations of Lethbridge Landfill Drill Samples - Sylvanus Ekwe, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) Landfill Gas Blower Bank Operational Issues - Marcus Scrimgeour, SCS Engineers I. Waste Management Strategy Review & Optimization Newfoundland’s Central Waste Management System - Wayne Manuel, BAE Newplan Nova Scotia Diversion - Past, Present & Future - Valda Walsh, Region 6 Solid Waste Management Solid Waste Management Policy & Programs in the Netherlands - Yifan Yang, RWS-WVL-Environment II. Materials Diversion Challenges & Successes EPRA’s Electronic Stewardship Program in Atlantic Canada: Challenges & Successes Since 2008 - Cliff Hacking, EPRA Oceans of Opportunity: Let’s Keep Mercury out of our Seafood! - Jennifer Court, Scout Environmental Top 10 Packaging Challenges for Recycling at a MRF - Rachel Morier, PAC, Packaging Consortium III. Established & Emerging Organics Management The Impact of the Proposed Changes to the CAN/BNQ Standards for Compost Quality - Dr. Paul Arnold, Bio-Logic Environmental Systems Halifax’s Organic Processing Management Business Case - Andrew Philopoulos, GHD & Matt Keliher, Halifax Biogas Utilization - Disco Road Organics Processing Facilities, Behind the Meter - Carlyle Khan, City of Toronto I. Diversion of Construction & Demolition Materials Design of an Engineered Wetland to Treat C&D Landfill Effluent - Scott Kyle, Dillon Consulting  Waste Wallboard & Wood Fiber Alternative Livestock Bedding - Lise Leblanc, LP Consulting Ltd. Establishing an Unconventional Transfer Station in Newfoundland’s Eastern Region - Ken Kelly, Eastern Waste Management II. Waste Management Strategy & Technology Optimization Toronto’s New Waste Strategy - Annette Synowiec, City of Toronto Plasma Gasification—The Environmental Solution to Landfill & a NS Renewable Energy Opportunity - Gord Helm, Fourth State Energy Biogas/LFG Cleaning - Shivaji Ramalingam, DMT III. Project Planning for Success  Towards Commissioning an Energy from Waste Facility - Gioseph Anello, The Regional Municipality of Durham A Community Acceptance Index for Site Selection, Project Development & Monitoring - Julie Reid-Forget, Transfert Environment & Society How Integrated Waste Management Systems Support the Provincial Climate Change Initiative - Mirka Januszkiewicz, The Regional Municipality of Durham
I. Health & Safety at Waste Management Facilities City of Toronto Collection Operations Safety Report - Annette Synowiec, City of Toronto The Health & Safety Challenges of Asbestos Disposal - Jane MacIntosh & Maggie Warren, Regional District of Nanaimo  Importance of Health & Safety at Waste Management Facilities - David Biderman, SWANA II. Established & Emerging Energy from Waste Technologies The Surrey Biofuel Facility - Paul Oostelbos, Orgaworld Nederland BV Commercial Scale Liquid Fuel Production from Municipal Solid Waste - A Reality? - Victoria Shortreed, GHD MSW to Biofuels & Chemicals: A Commercial Reality in Canada - Enerkem & City of Edmonton - Richard Schofield, Enerkem III. Diversion Practices for the IC&I Sector Waste Diversion at Multi-Residential Buildings in Halifax - Shannon Betts, Halifax Striving to Lead by Example at Nova Scotia Community College - Glen Comeau & Martha MacGowan, NSCC Planning for Increased Recyclable & Organic Material in the Multi-Family Housing Sector - Blair Shoniker, GHD Friday April 29th, 2016 I. Waste Management Strategy Review & Optimization What Really is Mixed Waste Processing? - Mike Muffels, GHD A Crash Course in the Circular Economy - Dawne Skinner, Dillon Consulting How Recycling Depots can Contribute to the Circular Economy  - Paul van der Werf, 2cg II. The Next Evolution - Carts, Automation & Fleet Technologies Compost Collection Eco System - The Next Generation - Paul Speed, Speed Eco Products & Systems The Benefits & Pitfalls of Collection Automation & CNG-Powered Fleets - George South, Progressive Waste Waste Fleets are ‘Smartening’ Up - New Directions in Smart Truck Technologies & Capabilities - Terry Scholl, FleetMind Solutions